Raised in Queens NY, David Carter pka Davey Dex starting listening to music at an early age, influenced by the 70's soul, R&B and Jazz music played by his parents around the house.

"I remember hearing music all the time in my house while I was growing up, I remember the feeling I use to have whenever I heard music, all type of music, to this day if you put a record on from back in the days. I still have the same feeling." - Davey Dex.
At age 10, a neigborhood friend named "Johnny Waste" from the legendary Hardcore group "Urban Waste" taught him how to play a guitar and was listening to Rock,Hardcorde and Punk Rock music. At age 12 his musical taste began to change, he started breakdancing.
"I used to love breakdancing, listening to the music that made me want to go crazy and dance thought I would do it for ever" - Davey Dex
At age 14 his mother brought him a radio for Christmas which he learned how to mix on.
"Back in the days everyone had a boombox(radio) the bigger the better,lol. mother let me pick out this radio from Sharp which featured a double cassette, this radio had a interesting design flaugh, you were able to play both cassette desks at the same time so I use to take songs and mixed them together thats how I started to learn how to mix" - Davey Dex.

When he was 15 started the learned how to dj, a high-school friend named Mike McKenna aka DJ Mighty Mike Cee(NK) taught him how to dj and the two started DJing local parties around the neighborhood. In 1986 while still DJing local parties he teamed up with fellow childhood friend DJ/Producer Henry Maldonado to form the production team "The Incredible Force". team started off djing local parties and eventually started to produce music. They worked with several well known artists, Large Professor, Joe Fadel, Tragedy, Gob Goblin, DJ Tonerock(Heathcliff), Billy Da Kid, DJ Dimension, NB2000, D.O.A, Rasheem Surpreme, mc majesty DJ Clash, just to name a few. In 1989 the duo teamed up with another childhood friend DJ/Producer Rudy Straker and formed the production team "The Rhythm Section". the group started to produce tracks in hopes of earning a records deal. In 1990 the group met a well known up and coming Producer/DJ from Brooklyn named Kenny Dope(Masters At Work) through a good friend DJ/Producer Billy Da Kid. The group worked on a record at Kenny Dope's Studio, Kenny also produced a remix to the track. The record never released due to compliations with the record label. The group continued to produce tracks in hopes of putting the material out one day.

In 1991, Kenny Dope found a new record label to shop records to he told us "I am going it give this label record, if they label does the right thing, I will send all my peoples there." that label was "Strictly Rhythm." After the success of "The Untouchables" EP. Kenny started send everyone he knew to the record label. He told Todd Terry about the label and he began giving records to Strictly. Shortly after Kenny told the label about us and setup a meeting. The meeting was a success and we produced our debut record called "Hyponotize Me" and "I Wanna See You Dance" under the psuedo name "House 2 House". The House 2 House record got a lot of attention was a underground hit with spins from all the top club and radio dj's like: Tony Humphies, Daryl James, John Robinson and Glenn Friscia. The Rhythm Section went on to produce more underground dance hits for Strictly Rhythm like Boom, I Need Your Love, Makes You Feel Alright, Make Some Noise,Do 4 Me. under the psuedo names Urban Rhythm and Springboard. But the group's biggest record to date was a track called "Move Your Wasteline" for Maxi Records under the psuedo name "DeJa Vu". The record was an immediate success, it was featured in Billboard's Hot Shot Debut and was number 92 on Billboard's Hot 100 dance charts. In 1993 Dave and the Rhythm Section parted ways. the remaining team members would continue to produce other House 2 House records as well as remixes for various other labels.

A year later in 1994, Dave team up with another childhood friend and label mate William Rosario to co-produce "Aficumba" for Rosario's "DAT Project III" ep. The duo went on to produce other projects for Nervous Records under the psuedo names, Queens Tag Team and Fat Fluids. The biggest production credit for the duo was in 1995 when they formed the production team "Da Hitmen". They produced their first ep called "Da Hitmen" on Cutting Records. The ep was a Masters At Work type record that followed the same fomula with one side House and one side Hip-Hop. The house side featured a track called "Muzik" the track did well in the clubs, but was a track called "Go Uptown" on the other side of the record that got the biggest buzz. The record was played frequently on New York radio station HOT 97 by Funk Master Flex. the two went on to produced 2 more records for before parting from the label.

In 1996 another childhood friend and label mate Prince Quick Mix (of the Nubian Crackers) introduced Dave to a Mark Petricone who owned a new label (at the time) called AV8 Records. That year he produced his first release self entitled "Davey Dex On The Set" the record 12th release for the newly formed label and the start of a long relationship with label, He was on of the label's pioneer producers and help shape and form sound reputation of the AV8 Records as the premier label that put out good records for DJs worldwide. It was in 1998 where he got the most recognition, when he produced the remix of Crooklyn Clan's "Here We Go Now" feat. DJ Kool. The track was originally intended to be the B-Side of the record was a immediate success and was licensed and marketed all over the world. Proud of the success of the record, He produced the "Da Headbangaz Pt 2", "Bangin Beatz "LP, "The Projectz" and "Unreleased". Later on that year he was invited to go on tour to the UK by friend DJ Clash. There he noticed how much the records traveled outside of the US.

"I remember going to the UK and going to the records shops and seeing all my records there even the House records I've done back in the days the UK showed us alot of love, I had a great time" - Davey Dex.

In 2004 He joined DJ/Production team called "TeamPlayaz" Which partners (Founder/Producer/DJ) Rah Supreme and (Legendary Producer/DJ) Davy D.M.X produce some hard hitting and soultry Hip-Hop beats. They also teamed up Miami Based Entertainment Company "Diamond-Cut Entertainment" as the official Music producers/DJ's of their signature event "Lyrical-Boxing". Lyrical-Boxing is a unique cutting-edge, Raw and Fast-Paced Freestyle MC Battle. We also teamed up with Miami Based Promotions Company "" which specializes in Club, Artist, DJ promotion, promotional media packages.

With more than 30 years in the game Davey Dex continues to DJ and produce music as always dedicates his work to DJ's and fans that support him.